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Top 4 Free Notification Bar for Blogger

If you have started blogging on Blogger you might want to get a bundle of views for your site. There are many methods that provided by everyone like doing S.E.O (search engine optimization) for getting views, Adding Keywords in site with every post to get views or sharing an article on social media. But Today I have one of the most important methods which will definitely increase your views on your Blogging Site. This method helps your viewers to get a Notification when you publish a new post. 

1. Push Crew

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The first bar in our list is Push Crew. This is the best Notification bar provider in internet world because the features provided by this bar is amazing and very easy to use. Moreover, it comes at number 1st because of its free trial 500 subscriptions which are a good deal as compared to the other bar provider in the internet world. Besides this, the paid package is very affordable at a very low price.

Features of Push Crew

1. It gives 2000 subscription at just $25.
2. Send notification to Mobile & Desktop.
3. Schedule notifications are also available.
4. HTTP/HTTPS available.
5. Custom branding is available.
6. Segmentation makes it very handy.
7. RSS-to-Push service.

2. LetReach

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LetReach Enables you to reach your web traffic with push notifications. Push notification is a clickable card /message that will send to your subscribers even they are offline.there is another similar plugin available for WordPress click HERE. This bar will provide you real time click on notification by subscriber's

Feature's of Lets Reach

1. It provides 2000 free subscription.
2. Send Notification to Mobile & Desktop.
3. Real Time Statics.
4. Geo targeting.
5. Auto Responders
6. 1000 subscriber's at just $15

3. Push Engage

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This Bar comes at number 3rd because he had served to nearly 6000+ site at a very short period of time Moreover, the interface of this bar makes very useful for beggines.But the less point in this bar is that you can only send 120 notification per day (in free package)

Features of Pish Engage

1. Up to 2500 Active Subscribers.
2. 120 notifications a month.
3. Mobile and Desktop Notifications.
4. Chrome, Firefox, Safari Support.
5. URL Auto Segments.

6. 10000 Subsribers at just $29.
7. E-mail support.

4. Pushify

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Pushify is a web push platform. It enables websites to send push notifications to its visitors. It works on top of the browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. After installing this plugin your website will start asking your visitors for sending push notifications. As your subscribers list grows, you can have more audiance and you can send updates regarding your website/product/service to your customers. It works even when your customers on not on your website.

Features Of Pushify

1. Custom Branding
2. RSS 2 Push, Facebook 2 Push, Twitter 2 Push
3. Retargeting Module
4. Push Msg Expiry
5. Mobile Number Verified Subscribers
6. E-commerce module
7. Schedule notifications