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Best 10 Hosting Provider Of All Time

1.  SiteGround
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2.  WP Engine
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Though in the past they've been hit with poor management decisions and blasted for under performing, 2016 saw a resurgence in what WP Engine was previously known for:
Their quality support, super fast WordPress load times and expensive (but value for money) pricing.
There is no doubt in my mind when I say WP Engine is THE BEST WordPress host on the planet. They've spent an inane amount of time building custom server setups, security and speed optimizing every element of their process so that you get the most optimal WordPress installation out there.
They've also quite clearly invested a fair amount of money into creating an A+ support system which has dedicated, US based employees that have done over 100 hours training in WordPress & server administration to give you the best support there is for any WordPress problem.
Of course the main downfall is they only accept WordPress sites, but that's what makes them so good at what they do! They also don't support email accounts, but you can easily manage that with a $5/Month Google Apps subscription and some D N S configuration. 

3. A 2 Hosting

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Taking the #3 spot on our list and for good reason, is A 2 Hosting.
From our testing, A 2 has shown to be THE FASTEST shared hosting provider on the market - Yes you'll be paying around $10/Month for a shared host.. but when you getting load times of around 1 sec, and UNDER? Then it's an obvious choice.
Mix that with there A+ support system that covers 4 different communication methods and an infrastructure that spans 3 continents. A 2 is a host that has made waves into the industry in the past few years, and continues to be at the forefront of shared hosting server technology. 
The only reason they're rated at a 4.5/5 is due to the higher than average pricing plans they go with.. but that's due to the fact that on average, you'd be getting access to a lot more server resources with A 2 than any other shared host on the market.
A hosting plan from A 2 also comes with free manual site migration by one of their technical team members and free access to the "Hack Scan" security system that further improves your site's security.

4. Hawk Host
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Hawk Host's commitment to affordable hosting is the reason it's landed the #4 spot on this list.
Offering S S D shared hosting and V P S  over 3 continents at super affordable prices for those that don't want to break the bank.. Haw k Host has gained it's #4 spot on this list by being our most affordable host on the market.
For under $5/Month you can have a fast host, c Panel and unlimited domains with up to 10 Gb of disk space.
The only reason they don't have 4 stars is due to the lack of instantaneous support - They lack a live chat and phone support system, opting instead for solely ticket based support.. Which can lead to longer than usual reply times of up to 2 hours. 

5. Blue Host
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Looking for professional hosting  for business or client websites? Blue Host is a solid option.
Part of the Endurance International Group, Blue Host contributes to open source and is a WordPress enthusiast. According to many people Blue Host is shared hosting done right.
Starting plans at $3.95 monthly, options to upgrade range from Plus $5.99 and Prime at $5.99 monthly. Yes they are the same price, this may change. 
Blue Host would be eligible for 5 stars for product quality, but they fall down with customer support. They are a very popular hosting company with a very busy customer support line making it difficult to provide quality support all the time.

6. Hostgator
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Hostgator is  very popular and has also some good marketing sategory . Putting aside the iconic Aligator they do have a hosting solution that works. 
HostGator has monthly promotions running all year round. The standard pricing is $3.95 monthly. If you want to have a one stop shop for everything websites HostGator provides just about everything you need in one place.  
I have a love hate relationship with HostGator. I ve had good and bad experiences but the good outweigh the bad. HostGator is a very well rounded service provider.

7. StableHost
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StableHost is taking the #7 spot on our list for having probably the best reputation out of all the companies on this list. 
Not only do they have some of the most reliable load times and uptimes, but they've also got an almost complete package at a very good price range - Spread out across 3 localities to choose from, in 2 continents. 
They have a instantaneous support system, manned by trained technicians. SSD servers running LightSpeed for optimal performance. 
They also have additional free bonuses when joining, such as a site builder (for those that want a super beginner friendly solution) and R1Soft daily backups across the site - Other security features include mod_security firewalls and spam protection. 

8. MDD Hosting
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MDD's commitment to affordable hosting is the reason it's landed the #8 spot on this list.
Secure hosting with very well equipped servers, MDD Hosting caters for all types of website requirements. The higher end for pricing on upgrades and the faster of hosting providers for speed.
For under $3.60 monthly you have access to very technical support staff. You also have super fast speeds for your website. 
Missing out on a solid 5 stars because of uptime. The uptime is not 99.9% and the pricing structure changes often. Very complete service apart from these two factors. 

9. InMotion
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InMotion should change their tag line to "Fast, Reliable and Affordable". So confident with their service they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Offering free SSD shared hosting super fast servers and all the features you need for a complete hosting service InMotion delivers the goods.
InMotion provides shared hosting for business starting at $5.99. The next plan up is $7.99 and the premium pro plan is $13.99. 
To make themselves memorable they claim "Shared hosting thats better than our competitors" right on the hosting plan page, very confident but they deliver. 

10. DreamHost
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DreamHost stands the test of time and founded in the mid 90's
Superior speed and unrivalled customer service make up the backbone of DreamHost. Try the service to understand how they came up with the business name. 
Pricing for the minimum shared plan start at $7.95 thats a little more than most others.
Targeted mainly towards businesses and people that have websites that need the best. They excel at problem solving and speed, providing a very enjoyable hosting experience. 

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